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Abstract: A study was conducted in the Madhubani district of Bihar, India, from 2020 to 2024. It analyzed the marketing of Makhana using a descriptive research approach. It involved over a hundred farmers from different fields and traditional pond systems. It also analyzed the various marketing channels and their efficiency. The study indicated that the field system resulted in greater yields and higher net returns compared to the pond system, underscoring the necessity for developing processing machinery. Furthermore, it highlighted the critical need to tackle issues such as the absence of pond ownership, the significant role of human labor in processing, and the need for advancements in processing, packaging, and market infrastructure to boost the demand and value of Makhana products.

Keywords: Research, Tradition, Pond, Machinery, Processing

Author: Shashank Shekhar and Pritesh Dwivedi


Reference: Ashutosh Kr. et. al. (2023) Study on status of makhana production and marketing in India.Theoratical Biology Forum; TBF: 476-480 (2023) Avanish Kumar (2022) studied on farmers challenges in adopting soil health card recommendations in Saharsha, Bihar. Indian Journal of Extension Education; 0537-1996 154-156. Dilip R. Vahoniya et. al (2024) Theoratical status of makhana production and marketing in India.Theoratical Biology Forum. 476-480 Kumar, A., Singh, A. K., & Kumari, S. (2021). Constraints faced by makhana growers of Madhubani district and suggestion to eliminate them. Indian Journal on Extension Education, 56(3), 177-180 Manish Kumar (2023) Study on cultivation practices and marketing of makhana in purnia district. (Thesis) Regd. No- MBA/BAU/6464/2021 ;48-49.



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