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Agri Express

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About Us

Agri Express, is dedicated to innovative agri-youth and progressive farmers interested in sustainable agriculture, natural farming, and allied sectors of agriculture.

It is designed to introduce scientific information in a popular way to progressive farmers, agriculture students, and scholars interested in how modern agricultural science can solve day-to-day farming problems.

It has articles, research papers, photo features, interviews, success stories, and an editorial page.

In addition to publishing "popular or technical articles," it aims to publish ideas from authors such as researchers, students, scientists, progressive farmers, and any other member of the scientific community, as well as provide useful information to farmers, scientists, and the agricultural and scientific communities.

Agri Express is a quarterly publication covering all aspects of agricultural and allied sciences.

Aims and Scope of the Journal

Agri Express is an international, scholarly, open access research journal that publishes original research after a double-blind peer review process. It is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December with the intention of encouraging high-quality research.

The initiative's primary goal is to advance agricultural research and development. The journal will publish the best research articles, as well as critical reviews of emerging fields and ideas that will influence the future. The publications will include applications and research articles on all aspects of the agricultural fields listed below

Genetic and plant breeding resources, biotechnology, physiology, biochemistry, biotic and abiotic stress management, and nutrition of crops, horticultural crops, livestock, and fish. Agricultural meteorology, environmental science, forestry, agronomy, soil and soil management, microbiology, water management, agricultural engineering technology, agricultural policy, business economics, nutrition, agricultural statistics, and extension studies and allied sectors, as well as the impact of climate change and new technologies. the advancement of agriculture and the impact of agricultural research and innovation on development.

The journal is the first to publish the findings of research on the issue in India and other countries facing similar agricultural challenges. Preliminary information on cosmetics costs has been published briefly. The journal also publishes critical reviews written by qualified researchers who have conducted extensive research in their field and can identify flaws and make recommendations for future studies.

Join us on this enriching journey as we explore the vast realms of agriculture and allied sciences, harnessing the power of knowledge and innovation to create a sustainable and prosperous future.

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